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  • e-commerce
  • website development
  • mobile applications


  • packaging
  • website design
  • identity


  • SMM
  • SEO promotion
  • contextual advertising
  • Targeted advertising
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube


  • product descriptions, advertising slogans, social media posts
  • storytelling
  • articles in blogs and webpages
  • reviews and comments


web development

We are engaged in the development and creation of turnkey websites of any complexity: online stores, corporate websites, landing pages, business cards, etc. Regardless of the type, you get a high-quality website with an ergonomic and beautiful design that can competently perform business tasks.
Creation of a website for a company
Creation of an online store
Landing page creation
Layout from scratch
Creation of a website for a hotel
Website for a restaurant, cafe, nightclub
Creation of an Internet portal
Creating a business card site
Site structure development
Creating a chat bot for websites
Development of CRM systems

mobile development
We develop mobile and web applications to solve any business problems. The company’s own mobile application expands business growth opportunities and opens up new avenues in the market.
Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android
Mobile game development
Web application development
Creation of adaptive sites
Creation of mobile sites

technical support

We provide a range of services aimed at serving all the needs of a web project.
Site technical support.
Site maintenance includes monitoring the stability of the site, ensuring it from hacks, viruses and long-term failures.
Graphic support.
Site maintenance includes a complex of work with graphic content of the site. It can be both minor changes in the design of pages, and the development of banners, new buttons, icons, fonts, or the selection of new visual materials for a catalog, blog, site news.
Site update.
Writing new texts, publishing articles, photos, video materials.
Uninterrupted hosting of your web projects on a high-quality server.


We are engaged in design development for online projects and branded products. We carry out professional development of corporate identity.

website design
We offer the creation of an individual, completely exclusive design of your web resource. It will meet all trends, sell and arouse interest among visitors. High-quality design will allow you to stand out in your niche and gain the trust of a potential client.

logo development
We carry out an individual approach to the development of each logo. This allows you to make your company logo unique, ideal for placement on media of any format, and this will bring the maximum effect. Your logo will become a reflection of the company’s ideology, will evoke the necessary associations among potential and existing customers.

corporate identity
Let’s create a corporate identity that will have a positive impact on doing business! We will develop an individual and memorable image of the company. Corporate identity development includes the following components:
Models of souvenir production.
Prototypes for business documentation.
Samples of advertising media.


We carry out complex Internet marketing for quick sales on the Internet and long-term promotion in social networks and search engines.

seo promotion

Website promotion and promotion SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
We carry out a set of works aimed at improving the position of the site in the results of search engines to increase site traffic.
SEO audit
Internal and external audit of the site for the absence of errors that hinder promotion
Usability and interface analysis
Analysis of the structure and design that contributes to an increase in % conversions
Semantic core selection
Collection and clustering of targeted search queries for SEO promotion.
Internal and external website optimization

contextual advertising
We offer comprehensive services for setting up contextual advertising. The scope of work includes audit and monitoring of the market, selection of keywords, budget planning, organization of a PR campaign, and more. We work in certain regions and Ukraine as a whole and guarantee an instant result after the launch of advertising.

targeted advertising
We set up and launch advertising in social networks, which is based on behavioral factors and interests of the audience. This is an opportunity to quickly scale the audience (that is, show ads to a new / cold audience and “warm up” it).
Channels where we set up targeted advertising: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Apps, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter.

Google advertising
We set up and launch advertising in Google services, which in turn allows you to find the most active audience that is currently searching for your product.

SMM promotion
We manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts. We are engaged in building long-term relationships with your target audience based on constant communication, exchange of information, reviews, novelties and constant proven usefulness in your subject.

We provide a range of services for the creation and development of YouTube channels.
Advertising on YouTube.
Video creation for YouTube.
Making a YouTube channel on a turnkey basis.


The BigRise digital agency offers comprehensive services for filling web resources, creating sales texts that correctly describe your product or service. Creating content that makes it faster and easier to find a site, as well as positively disposes potential customers, leaves a good and correct impression of you and your company.
Product descriptions, advertising slogans, social media posts.
Articles on blogs and website pages
Reviews and comments.

stages of work

IT product development life cycle



Competent planning of the functionality of the future product and analysis of requirements play a key role for the entire project. This stage is the responsibility of the project manager, since he is responsible for the success of the entire development process. After the UX / UI design is completed, you can draw up an exact plan for how the development will go and what functionality will be in the product.



After planning, it is the turn of UX / UI designers - specialists who design user interfaces. Designers study user behavior and build a human-readable interface. The visual appearance of the product is also the result of the designers' work. System architects work with them to decide what structure the finished product will have and how it should behave.



Developers follow one of the methodologies - for the company it is mainly Agile. This methodology assumes a flexible, iterative approach - that is, developers act sequentially, dividing the project into smaller tasks. The development process does not end at the testing stage - it continues until improvements are made.



Testing specialists perform different types of testing: unit testing, integration testing, interface testing, and other types depending on the purpose. This category of specialists must come to the final conclusion that there are no bugs in the product and it is ready for release. The product can then be deployed and integrated with third-party software.



The finished product may need additional support, whether it be additional questions about the product from customers, or the need to make changes to the already laid down functions - support specialists are always ready to help. Most development projects go through all stages of the above life cycle.

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